Totals Report

  • The Totals Report is a page that will pop up when the "Report Totals" button is pressed
  • Useful in a classroom or for home schooling reports.
  • Reports the results of the total work on a lesson.
  • Does not get reset until the page is refreshed or a new lesson is started
  • Provides a view of improvement during the practice session.
  • A one line summary of results can easily be saved and imported into a spreadsheet.

An example report is shown below with an explanation of each entry given in red type.

Lesson: Metric Prefixes   <--- Lesson filename
Date: 20:42,7/17/2001  <--- Time and Date

Correct = 34   Incorrect = 3  <--- Total correct and incorrect answers
Total Questions = 37  <--- Total questions
Percent correct = 92  <--- Overall percent correct

Scores for each set of 10 questions are:
80%  <--- 80% of the First 10 questions were correct
90%  <--- 90% of the Second 10 questions were correct
100%  <---100% of the Third 10 questions were correct
The remaining questions had: 3 correct & 0 incorrect  <--- Results for the remaining questions

Metric Prefixes,1476442,20:42,7/17/2001,34,3,37,92  <--- Comma delimited data that can be placed in a spreadsheet.   Includes: Lesson name, sequence number, time, date, correct answers, incorrect answers, total questions and overall score.

Type Name before Printing:       <--- Type name and print report from menu at top of page

<--- Close the report window

Open a blank email so you can Copy and Send Results <--- Select and copy report contents then click here to open email

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