Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Lesson Map

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have been adopted and are being currently implemented in the vast majority of states in the United States. The official website of the Common Core State Standards Initiative is at The mathematics standards can be accessed through started online in the year 2000. It was developed to provide interactive math practice and explanations for grades K-8. Many state standards existing at that time were consulted for the original development. Over the subsequent years we have received and implemented many valuable suggestions from teachers, parents and students. This process has served to refine the arrangement and has guided the addition of additional lessons. We are not changing the arrangement of the lessons on the website but feel it would be helpful to provide a map between the Common Core Standards and the relevant lessons on

Many schools and homeschoolers use to supplement their math lessons and provide unlimited free interactive practice for students. It is also a valuable resource for homework help. We have developed a map detailing which lesson pages would be relevant to each requirement in the Grades K-8 CCSS. Links to the maps are given below.

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